Most of the buildings in Pavlodar are old and were built in 19th and 20th centuries. One of the oldest building in the city is House of the merchant and mayor Artemy Derov. For about 70 years the building was used for Local Lore Museum. The exterior of the building is designed in classical style of 19th century and colored in orange, white and red colors. The House is located near to river on Lenin, 149 Street.  

The railway station was opened in 1924. The building is made out of glasses and concrete. Concrete is beige colored and the glass is blue. The station was restored in 1970 and now there are a railway station and a bus station under one roof. 

In 1957 cinema theater called “Oktyabr’” was opened in Pavlodar. The building was designed in a minimalistic style in white color. ‘Oktyabr’ in Russian language means “November”. The opening of the cinema was timed to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the October Revolution. In 2012 the building was used as the Dostyk concert hall. After restoration concert hall was designed in classical style and colored in light-green color.

There was another cinema theater in Pavlorad named ‘Pioner’. One-story cinema theater was colored in lights color, now the building is brown but the exterior design is almost the same. Today the building is used as theater named after Anton Chekhov.

The building of Pavlodar Tractor Factory was opened in 1977. Three-story building was white colored and had a fountain nearby, on the rooftop there was a billboard with communistic slogans. Nowadays, the place is used as Palace of the Culture. The glass building is holding concerts and governmental events there.   

In the city center there is a three-story house, people call this it ‘shishk’ (сone). It wasbuilt in 1953 and was considered as the tallest building in Pavlodar for long time.

On Estaya Street, there is a building, the first floor of which was built from brick, and the second was built from wood. It was built in 1901 by the grain trader Mikhail Abramov, who rented the building to the agricultural school. Then, there was located the first communistic school of Pavlodar, in 1920. After 30 years a veterinary college began to work there. 20 years later, it was transformed into an economic school. In 1984, the building was owned by the Court of the Industrial District, and then to a commercial organization. Now, this building is used as Nur Otan party hub.

The post center of the city was three-story white and blue colored building. Now this place looks exactly the same, but the building is owned by ‘KazakhTelocom’ company.

There are many buildings that were considered as architectural and historical property, but now destroyed or are in a bad condition. One of these places is former ‘Russia’ hotel. It was luxurious and only scientists, writers and artists stopped there. From 1940 to 1960, the building was used by governmental committee. After, there was a hospital and then a dormitory. In 1990 the building burnt in a fire. Now this two-story ruins without windows is a home for homeless people. 

Another place of the city that reminds of Soviet Times is Victory Park. There is a lot of monuments left since Soviet times. There’s a lot of monuments of the Pavlodar Heroes of the Soviet Union, which defended the homeland. The main composition of the park is eternal fire. The fire stopped flaming when there were the repair works.